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A beautiful artwork can be commissioned with a favourite flower, a particular room or special occasion in mind, a special piece of art just for you.


If you see a painting on my site that has been sold, or if a painting is not the size you need or the colour you prefer, an individual version of it can be created especially for you.

Commissioning is an easy and collaborative process: you will approve the composition before painting commences and receive regular image updates along the way.

Incandescent ll Commission           SOL
Papa Meilland Commission 25cm x 40cm.JPG


Please contact me with as much information as possible and I can get back to you with a price and time-frame.  


Head over to the Contact Page to fill in your details. I will contact you within 3 business days.s

Image to right - This is a commissioned painting I completed in February 2020.

It measures 280cm x 130cm (that's nearly 3 metres wide!). By far the largest painting I have completed to date!

My client was delighted with her painting!

Commission Insitu.png
Commission Arabesque II.jpg
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