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63cmW x 93cmH x 5cmD (including frame)

Acrylic on stretched Canvas, black frame


'Julia's Rose' is one of many thousands of varieties of this glorious flower species, so beautiful it has captured the hearts of multitudes of rose lovers worldwide.

The simplicity of this bloom is deceptive as the ridges and folds are many, with intricate twists to entrance and colours which are surprising and at the same time unique and so pleasing to the eye.

My enjoyment at recreating this image in my own style comes with the ever powerful knowledge that the beauty of this rose may be enjoyed forever, long after the flower is gone.

The artwork comes beautifully framed in black.

This painting is my version of a reference photo by Loretta Kasinarov, a multi-talented photographer, flower grower and artist in Queensland, Australia. My thanks and appreciation to Loretta, as always.

Julia's Rose

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